Radio & Internet Affiliates

Many of these affiliates are micro/community FM and AM stations or “part 15 AM”. Stations of this nature can come and go at anytime, but many are mainstays with dedicated operators. If you operate a station not on this list yet or are familiar with the operation of one of these affiliates, please reach out via email to LRN at LRN.FM and let us know how to update the info.

No LRN.FM affiliate on-the-air in your area? Create your own!


Radio Stations Airing LRN.FM Programming
Location State Freq Band Notes
Centre AL 95.1 FM DYI M-F 2-4p, NSP Sat 3-6p CT
Gilbert AZ 1620 AM Various Shows
Hugo CO 1610 AM DYI, FTL
Bokeelia FL 1500 AM Most
Lena IL 88.1 FM 24/7
Terre Haute IN 106.9 FM Possibly 24/7
Middleborough MA 1700 AM CTF, DYI, FTL, TTR
Rock Creek OH 97.7 FM 24/7
Springboro OH 89.1 FM 24/7
Waverly OH 92.5 FM Weekends and Weeknights
Oklahoma City OK 102.3 FM Various Shows
Huntingdon PA 93.3 FM FTL
Manila PH 99.9 FM 24/7
Bonham TX 1670 AM DYI, CTF, FTL, NSP
Yakima WA 1710 AM FTL


Internet-only Stations Airing LRN.FM Programming
Website Notes
B Talk 103 – Atlanta Various Programs Several Programs
Disclosure Media Network Some
Easy Tech Answers FTL
Freedom’s Corner FTL, DYI, others
Freedom Phalanx Radio Network FTL
Heartland News Feed FTL, CTF, DYI, QA Declare Your Independence
KIMB Various
Liberty Talk FM Various
Memphis Talk Radio Free Talk Live
Patriot Radio NC Various Programs
RadioInfoWeb’s KXP1 Several Live Shows
Studio8424’s LRN Feed 24/7
The A.I.R. Network 24/7
The Drunken Dork Some