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Satellite (Free-to-Air)

Why pay monthly for satellite radio, when you can get LRN.FM on satellite for free? On 2010-07-01 LRN.FM launched on Free-to-Air Ku-Band Satellite. LRN.FM is able to provide you with this free 24/7 service thanks to Bitcoin! If you’d like to chip-in some bitcoins, you’ll find the widget in the right column of this website.  

If you are in one of the signal patterns below and can see one of the satellites below from your location (check with Dishpointer), you only need to get a Ku-band dish and Free-to-Air receiver, hook it up, and you’ve got LRN.FM (and a bunch of other free TV and radio channels like RT and Al Jazeera) 24/7 with no subscription fees! (It also makes for a good audio source with which you can rebroadcast LRN locally on FM or AM.) Here are our current coverage maps:

Galaxy 19

Galaxy 19’s Ku-Band Signal

You can find LRN.FM in North America and Central America on Galaxy 19 at 97 degrees West, Transponder 11, 11929 MHz, Vertical Polarization, Symbol Rate: 22000 , SID: 16, APID: 3016.

Click for a detailed signal map with minimum dish width for your location.


AMOS 5’s East-West Ku-band Signal

You used to be able to find LRN.FM in East-West Central Africa on AMOS 5 at 17 degrees East, 12335 MHz, Vertical Polarization, Symbol Rate: 27500 , SID: 50, APID: 3050.

Please help us get back on in Africa.

Long term, it’d be great to cover Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and the rest of the world, but that of course will cost much more. If you are interested in helping with those costs, please get in touch at lrn at lrn.fm.

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