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As of May 2024 LRN.FM is now featuring the Free Talk Live Network of Shows around-the-clock. New episodes premiere from 7-10pm Eastern and then replay for 21 hours. We hope you have enjoyed LRN.FM over the last fifteen years, but sadly with its founder in federal prison, it could no longer continue in its original form. Thank you for supporting and sharing LRN.FM. We are keeping this page as-is for now so you can still link to your favorite LRN.FM podcasts and subscribe to them directly. Thank you to all the great shows that we have had the privilege of featuring over the years.

Here you will find a full list of LRN.FM’s programming including our live shows and featured podcasts. LRN.FM News appears at the top of each live or encore hour. Remember, each show has their own website and keeps their own archives, so if you are looking a show’s contact information or for MP3 downloads, just click the graphics of your favorite shows in the listings below to visit their websites.

LRN.FM Programming Grid – All Times Eastern
12ish-6a LRN.FM Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-11ish Declare Your Independence
11ish-7p LRN.FM Podcasts
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12ish Declare Your Independence Shire Free Media


12a-6a LRN.FM Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-7p LRN.FM Podcasts
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12a Shire Free Media Declare Your Independence

LRN.FM Podcast Lineup

LRN.FM features the latest audio from the various liberty-oriented podcasts on the internet. See below for details on each show. When each program posts a new episode to their feed, LRN automatically picks it up and adds it to our playback loop, replacing the previous episode. On weekdays, our LRN.FM Podcast blocks you see above play the daily podcasts in order each day starting with Declare Your Independence. Once all the daily podcasts have played, the weekly podcast loop picks up where it left off the last time it stopped playing. On weekends, only the weekly podcast loop is heard in the LRN.FM Podcast blocks.

LRN.FM Daily Podcasts

Declare Your Independence“Declare Your Independence” with Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement – that will come in its own time. “Declare Your Independence” works closely with to ‘Uncover the Secrets and Expose the Lies’ so that we can flourish in a very exciting future. via their site. DYI kicks off our daily podcast set, weekdays at 9am and 10pm Eastern.

Ron Paul Liberty ReportRon Paul Liberty Report

Former Congressman and America’s leading advocate for freedom, Ron Paul is one of the most popular public figures of our day. The popular former presidential candidate shares his thoughts and opinions on the issues of the day in his weekday show.

Tom Woods ShowThe Tom Woods Show

Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods as he sets fire to the 3×5 card of conventional opinion with exciting guests and commentary.

Good Morning LibertyGood Morning Liberty

Two business owners and former touring musicians bring you a unique take on news, politics, and how to pursue a meaningful life in the most Libertarian way possible. Nate and Charlie explain politics and economics in a digestible fashion, and they’re also funny as hell! They don’t just complain about the world’s problems, they offer real libertarian solutions that are easy to understand, and even easier to implement. New episodes of Good Morning Liberty every single day of the week!

Arcadia Econmomics PodcastArcadia Economics Podcast

Turns out Wall Street and the economy isn’t quite exactly as we were told growing up. The markets are manipulated, and most of what we hear in the mainstream media is designed to mislead. So what to do? Get the real story with Arcadia Economics host Chris Marcus and understand what’s coming and how to prepare!

Path to LibertyPath to Liberty

Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin covers current events, the original constitution and strategy – all with an eye on advancing liberty.

LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts

Shire Free MediaShire Free Media

News analysis, conspiracy research and culture commentary with Vincent the Ethical Journalist. Shire Free Media is the only weekly podcast that airs at a specific time as it kicks off the weekly podcasts on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm Eastern, however then the podcast loop will pickup where it last stopped, so the following show may not be the next show down the list.

Sovryn TechSovryn Tech

Sovryn Tech is a podcast about technology; keeping you up to date on the latest in science, software, and electronics, and how they can set you free.

Lions of LibertyLions of Liberty

The Lions of Liberty Podcast picks up where leaves off, breaking down the principles of libertarian thought, touching on hot news topics and and the ongoing politics of the day. Host Marc Clair speaks with guests from inside and outside the liberty movement, all the while mixing in his entertainingly unique (and sometimes off-key) style. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

The Anarchist ExperienceThe Anarchist Experience

The Anarchist Experience is the internet’s #1 anarchist call in show. Where statists get to call in and talk to real anarchists about what they love about The State and why.

Part of the ProblemPart of the Problem

Part of the Problem with Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian. Dave is part of the new generation of pundits. He’ll educate you and open your eyes to the possibility of a truly free nation.

Punk Rock LibertariansPunk Rock Libertarians

Politics, philosophy, music, current events and more from a Punk Rock Libertarian perspective.

The Bad Crypto PodcastThe Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast is the show for people who are trying to figure out cryptocurrency, blockchain and the future of digital payments. Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, their mothers say it’s the World’s Best Cyptocurrency Podcast.

The System is DownThe System is Down

The System is Down discusses topics that your family prays you won’t bring up around the Thanksgiving dinner table – conspiracies, politics, religion, and more. Host Dan Smotz and his co-hosts and guests shed light on breaking or broken systems and have a fun time doing it. Question everything and stay uncomfortable!

Wealth, Power, and Influence with Jason StapletonWealth, Power, and Influence with Jason Stapleton

Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

The Liberty BlockThe Liberty Block

Based in New Hampshire, The Liberty Block is a libertarian and voluntaryist publication which publishes articles, videos, and podcasts, always from the perspective of maximum individual freedom. The podcast hosts and writers largely believe that the US is irredeemably broken and cannot be fixed; the only solutions involve dissociation or secession. Listeners and opponents are encouraged to join their podcasts to discuss issues with open and honest dialogue.

Digital Cash NetworkDigital Cash Network

Documenting the global digital cash revolution, the greatest financial and technological revolution the world has ever seen. “Digital Cash Network” features interviews, news breakdowns, and more about the exciting world of cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, and decentralization. Hosted by Joël Valenzuela, journalist and freedom advocate who has been living unbanked off of cryptocurrency since 2016.

Liberty LockdownLiberty Lockdown

Liberty Lockdown is your home for righteous indignation towards the government. Every time a Karen ruffles your feathers just know that host Clint Russell will be there to scream obscenities towards them on your behalf.

Bob Murphy ShowBob Murphy Show

The Bob Murphy Show is your source for interviews and commentary conducted by a Christian and economist. The show features in-depth interviews as well as solo analysis by Bob Murphy. Much of the content relates to economics in the tradition of the Austrian School as well as libertarian political theory, but the show covers a broad range of topics.

Free State LiveFree State Live

Free State Live is a weekly roundtable discussion featuring the leaders, activists, movers and shakers of the Free State Project. Tune in to catch up with the goings on in New Hampshire surrounding the Free State Project and the Free Stater community.

The Chris Spangle ShowThe Chris Spangle Show

Give us an hour, and you’ll understand the news. Chris Spangle uses history to bring context to current events while presenting politics from a libertarian perspective. With a group of cohosts from across the political spectrum, we toss out the screaming heads and put people before political parties. We give you the tools to think differently in a world of Team Red and Team Blue nonsense.

LRN’s Live Shows

In its early years, LRN.FM had many hours per day of live programming, but over time, producers moved to recorded formats that are delivered via podcast. So now the bulk of our daily programming are liberty-oriented podcasts. The only remaining live show on the network is Free Talk Live, heard seven-days-a-week:

Free Talk Live Free Talk Live

100% pro-liberty talk radio that you can control. FTL originates from Keene, NH and airs live on LRN Monday – Sunday from 7-10p Eastern. If you want FTL anytime, you can grab archives or tune to our 24/7 FTL streams.

LRN’s Newscasts

These are the newscasts we air at the top of each live and encore hour as well as during the podcast lineup:

Feature Story NewsFeature Story News

For more than 25 years, Feature Story News has provided Emmy Award-winning original, customized news coverage that is seen and heard by millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and web users worldwide every day. Headquartered in Washington DC, FSN maintains regional broadcast hubs and co-ordinating offices in London, Hong Kong, Kampala and Caracas, and news bureaus serving international broadcasters in more than 30 locations.

Off Air Due to Lack of Recent Shows:

Adam VS The ManAdam VS The Man

ADAM VS THE MAN brings you the reality THEY don’t want you to know, hosted by libertarian activist Adam Kokesh. Adam is a former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, and a combat veteran, having deployed to Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Upon his return from Iraq, he became an anti-war activist and an advocate for Iraq Veterans Against the War. He has been a radio, TV, YouTube, and podcast host/producer under his brand “ADAM VS THE MAN” since 2010.

The Alex Merced CastThe Alex Merced Cast

Everyone’s favorite Nice Guy Libertarian interviews interesting people and comments on today’s most interesting issues. Alex Merced spends a lot of time discussing libertarianism, blockchain, bitcoin, crypto, economics and more.

Break the CycleBreak the Cycle with Joshua Smith

Break the Cycle is talking liberty, so sit down, and buckle up because it ain’t always pretty.

Consumer Choice RadioConsumer Choice Radio

Hosted by Yaël Ossowski and David Clement, Consumer Choice Radio is a syndicated weekly conversation on lifestyle freedom, innovative tech, and smart policy. Featuring the latest news, interviews, and expert analysis that covers consumer topics around the world. Tune in to learn why consumer choice matters.

Prof CJ's Dangerous History PodcastProf CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast

The Dangerous History Podcast covers a wide variety of history topics from an individualist-anarchist perspective, combining education and entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment by helping you to learn the past, understand the present, and prepare for the future.

Freedom DecryptedFreedom Decrypted

Freedom Decrypted is a weekly show about tech with a freedom slant. Host Christopher Waid covers tech news, politics, and freedom. Popular subjects include: privacy, free software, copyright, decentralization, and crypto currencies.

Live Free NowLive Free Now

Live Free Now with host John Bush brings you the news, views, tips, and tools you can use to live a free prosperous and healthy life.

The Roger Ver ShowThe Roger Ver Show

All the latest Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash news from the fast paced world of cryptocurrency. Roger Ver was one of the first investors in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related startups. His portfolio includes Kraken, Ripple, BitPay, Shapeshift to name a few. He is also a well known libertarian, anarcho-capitalist and peace advocate.

RADICAL with Shane HazelRADICAL with Shane Hazel

Have you stretched your brain? RADICAL seeks to promote the passion and genius in all of us to inspire the bravery people need to challenge the status quo and elevate the human condition.


Join host Justin O’Donnell as he and his guests discuss current events, candidates running for office, the goings-on in the Libertarian Party, and the Liberty Movement as a whole. Subversive broadcasts from New Hampshire.