Program Guide

Here you will find a full list of LRN.FM’s programming including our live shows and featured podcasts. LRN.FM News appears at the top of each live or encore hour. Remember, each show has their own website and keeps their own archives, so if you are looking a show’s contact information or for MP3 downloads, just click the graphics of your favorite shows in the listings below to visit their websites.

LRN.FM Programming Grid – All Times Eastern
12a-1a LRN.FM Podcasts Declare Your Independence
1a-6a LRN.FM Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-12p Declare Your Independence
12p-2p LRN.FM Podcasts
2p-5p LRN.FM Podcasts The Call to Freedom
The Call to Freedom
LRN.FM Podcasts
5p-7p LRN.FM Podcasts
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12a Declare Your Independence
Questioning Authority


12a-6a LRN.FM Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-7p LRN.FM Podcasts
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12a Questioning Authority
LRN.FM Podcasts


LRN’s Live Shows

Here are the shows that air live on LRN.FM in alphabetical order:

Call to FreedomCall to Freedom

Join America’s most disliked tranny, Aria DiMezzo, and Michael as they dive into the unpopular ends of libertarian ideology and nihilism, saying controversial things in the process. The Call to Freedom airs live Wednesdays from 2-5p Eastern.

Declare Your Independence“Declare Your Independence” with Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement – that will come in its own time. “Declare Your Independence” works closely with to ‘Uncover the Secrets and Expose the Lies’ so that we can flourish in a very exciting future. via their site. DYI airs live weekdays 9a-12p Eastern.

Free Talk Live Free Talk Live

100% pro-liberty talk radio that you can control. FTL originates from Keene, NH and airs live on LRN Monday – Sunday from 7-10p Eastern. If you want FTL anytime, you can grab archives or tune to our 24/7 FTL streams.

Questioning AuthorityQuestioning Authority

Tag along for the on-air adventure with Vincent Freeman as he brings the ideals of liberty to the next generation. Dedicated to bringing you hardcore truth and information on how to better survive our prison society, Questioning Authority is the sworn enemy of sophists, statists and sheeple. Live on LRN.FM on Saturday nights from 10p-12a Eastern.

LRN’s Newscasts

These are the newscasts we air at the top of each live and encore hour as well as the start of the podcast lineup:

The Liberty Beat

The Liberty Beat

The Liberty Beat is a grassroots-supported daily radio and podcast news service, hosted by Nick Murrow, that brings you the latest in liberty news and activist updates. The Liberty Beat is also heard at the top-of-hour news on a rotating basis during all live and encore programs on LRN.FM.

LRN.FM Podcast Lineup

LRN.FM features the latest audio from the various liberty-oriented podcasts on the internet. See below for details on each show. When each program posts a new episode to their feed, LRN automatically picks it up and adds it to our playback loop, replacing the previous episode. Podcasts begin playback where the list of shows below left off the last time it stopped playing. The order of the shows in the lineup is as follows:

Penn's Sunday SchoolPenn’s Sunday School

Penn Jillette is half the magical comedy duo, Penn and Teller. Join in as Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, and YOU discuss the news of the week. They’ll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes them mad. They’ll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about. Penn’s Sunday School is produced live on Sundays and they have their own active community site with downloads and more here. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Tom Woods ShowThe Tom Woods Show

Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods as he sets fire to the 3×5 card of conventional opinion with exciting guests and commentary.

School SucksSchool Sucks Project

Join Brett for School Sucks Project, the show dedicated to ending government’s coercive indoctrination camps. School Sucks Project originates from Manchester, New Hampshire.

No State ProjectNo State Project

No State Project is dedicated to bringing about a truly voluntary society. It’s hosted by the author of “Adventures In Legal Land”, Marc Stevens.

The Voluntary LifeThe Voluntary Life

Join Jake and friends as they explore ideas for finding freedom in an unfree world.

Sovryn TechSovryn Tech

Sovryn Tech is a podcast about technology; keeping you up to date on the latest in science, software, and electronics, and how they can set you free.

Lions of LibertyLions of Liberty

The Lions of Liberty Podcast picks up where leaves off, breaking down the principles of libertarian thought, touching on hot news topics and and the ongoing politics of the day. Host Marc Clair speaks with guests from inside and outside the liberty movement, all the while mixing in his entertainingly unique (and sometimes off-key) style. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

The Anarchist ExperienceThe Anarchist Experience

The Anarchist Experience is the internet’s #1 anarchist call in show. Where statists get to call in and talk to real anarchists about what they love about The State and why.

We Are LibertariansWe Are Libertarians

The We Are Libertarians podcast examines the week’s current events and politics from a libertarian perspective. Think of it as the libertarian Meet the Press, only with a personality. Are we missing your favorite liberty-oriented show? Please get in touch with us at LRN at LRN.FM. The show you suggest must be currently publishing at least once per week to be considered for addition to the network. Additionally, it must have a track record of consistent publishing over at least a six month timeframe for consideration.

The Tatiana ShowThe Tatiana Show

The Tatiana Show features Bitcoin-lover and singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz and special guests chatting about all kinds of exciting liberty topics!

DASH Force NewsDash Force News’ “3 Amigos Podcast”

Dash Force News‘s “3 Amigos Podcast” features hosts Mark Mason, Brian Freeman, and New Hampshire migrant and libertarian super-activist Joël Valenzuela discussing all things DASH and cryptocurrency-related each week.

Blast Off! With Johnny RocketBlast Off! With Johnny Rocket

Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket broadcasts from the Pacific Northwest, bringing the voice of sanity to a world driven by entitlement and envy economics. Johnny Rocket teams up with his Ray of Truth, Raylene Lightheart, to bring the voices of liberty, Rock ‘n Roll, economic literacy, and self-ownership to the mainstream media. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Freedom DecryptedFreedom Decrypted

Freedom Decrypted is a weekly show about tech with a freedom slant. Hosts Christopher Waid and Johnson Rice cover tech news, politics, and freedom. Popular subjects include: privacy, free software, copyright, decentralization, and crypto currencies.

The Alex Merced CastThe Alex Merced Cast

Everyone’s favorite Nice Guy Libertarian interviews interesting people and comments on today’s most interesting issues. Alex Merced spends a lot of time discussing libertarianism, blockchain, bitcoin, crypto, economics and more.

Part of the ProblemPart of the Problem

Part of the Problem with Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian. Dave is part of the new generation of pundits. He’ll educate you and open your eyes to the possibility of a truly free nation.

Punk Rock LibertariansPunk Rock Libertarians

Politics, philosophy, music, current events and more from a Punk Rock Libertarian perspective.


Anarchast is hosted by Jeff Berwick, aka the Dollar Vigilante. To him, Anarchy means freedom – the desire to live without a violent, coercive State. Anarchy is peace, love and prosperity, free markets, and power to the people.

The Roger Ver ShowThe Roger Ver Show

All the latest Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash news from the fast paced world of cryptocurrency. Roger Ver was one of the first investors in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related startups. His portfolio includes Kraken, Ripple, BitPay, Shapeshift to name a few. He is also a well known libertarian, anarcho-capitalist and peace advocate.

Humans of BitcoinHumans of Bitcoin

Humans of Bitcoin tells the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Guests range from activists and refugees to artists and entrepreneurs. At Humans of Bitcoin, we just want to know how cryptocurrency is changing people’s lives, and why. Hosted by Matt Aaron.

Proof of LoveProof of Love

What is the point of all this technology without a little love in our lives? Join Tatiana Moroz, Lauren Kaszovitz, and Dr. Stephanie Murphy for “Proof of Love” as they attempt to bridge the gap between peer to peer and bring a little love into the blockchain. Topics include: relationships, sex, self-love, diet, health, wellness, and of course, a little news and gossip.

Sherry VoluntarySherry Voluntary

Sherry Voluntary, the dynamic host of Speaking Freely Radio, is back with a show for voluntary action and interesting interviews.

Postcards from SomaliaPostcards from Somalia

Postcards from Somalia is an irreverent take on Voluntaryism related issues by Sherry Voluntary (Speaking Freely and The Sherry Voluntary Show) and Alan Mosley (The Gold Standard).

Prof CJ's Dangerous History PodcastProf CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast

The Dangerous History Podcast covers a wide variety of history topics from an individualist-anarchist perspective, combining education and entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment by helping you to learn the past, understand the present, and prepare for the future.

The Bad Crypto PodcastThe Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast is the show for people who are trying to figure out cryptocurrency, blockchain and the future of digital payments. Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, their mothers say it’s the World’s Best Cyptocurrency Podcast.

The System is DownThe System is Down

The System is Down discusses topics that your family prays you won’t bring up around the Thanksgiving dinner table – conspiracies, politics, religion, and more. Host Dan Smotz and his co-hosts and guests shed light on breaking or broken systems and have a fun time doing it. Question everything and stay uncomfortable!

The Crypto ShowThe Crypto Show

The Crypto Show has a new vision for liberty–minded people: crypto-anarchism. Abandoning the model of “waking up” 51% of the fat-bellied uninterested and distracted public, The Crypto Show crew hope to inspire the smartest 1% to create open-source, distributed systems of resistance to render the state irrelevant through technology and encryption. The Crypto Show will highlight the next information revolution by focusing on technology, currency and anarchy!

Wealth, Power, and Influence with Jason StapletonWealth, Power, and Influence with Jason Stapleton

Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

The CoinSpice PodcastThe CoinSpice Podcast

The CoinSpice Podcast is an inside look at the cryptocurrency space, highlighting projects, personalities, and controversies. CoinSpice Editor-in-Chief C. Edward Kelso hosts, and each episode contains guests who are active in the crypto ecosystem. Whether they’re heading a startup, publishing their own content, authors, pundits, critics, The CoinSpice Podcast is a fascinating listen inside the world Satoshi Nakamoto created.

You, Me, and BTCYou, Me, and BTC

You, Me, and BTC is a Bitcoin podcast with a strong focus on liberty. The hosts chat weekly about how Bitcoin is setting the world free and share the latest cryptocurrency news and general Bitcoin talk.

The LAVA Flow PodcastThe LAVA Flow Podcast

The LAVA Flow Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast created by Rodger Paxton for the libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, voluntaryist, and agorist communities. The purpose is to entertain and inform anyone who fits within or anyone who is interested in these categories of political thought.

Essential LibertarianismEssential Libertarianism

Essential Libertarianism features selected readings of articles from by Rodger Paxton of Pax Libertas Productions and the LAVA Flow Podcast.

Off Air Due to Lack of Recent Shows:

Anarcho AgendaAnarcho Agenda

The Anarcho Agenda is a weekly podcast providing news and commentary from a liberty-oriented perspective, with a dram of Scottish culture. Host Riley Blake is not only a great interviewer, he’s also the blind libertarian from Utah who edits the Free Talk Live Daily Digest, every day. You can get more episodes of Anarcho Agenda here.

One Free FamilyOne Free Family

One Free Family is hosted by the libertarian peaceful parents of three children, James and Taylor Davis, based in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. The entrepreneurial couple looks at various parenting issues and challenges every week.

The Soul Anarchist PodcastThe Soul Anarchist Podcast

The Soul Anarchist Podcast, hosted by Paul Duane. A show about living life on your own terms. Common themes include dating & relationships, men’s issues, motorcycling, art, music, and entrepreneurship – all from a liberty perspective.

We Are ChangeWe Are Change

Hosted by Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas, We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. We seek to expose the lies of governments and the corporate elite who constantly trash our humanity. By asking the hard questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, we shine a little more light on truth.

Woke As FuckWoke As Fuck

Woke As Fuck host Alex Lasarev (aka Sasha Daygame) takes you along with him on his spiritual journey and interviews guests on their path to self-realization. Getting into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, are themes of the show. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)