I want programming for my existing station.

RadiotowerWhether you are looking for one or more of our programs or a 24/7 feed, you’ll find LRN.FM one of the easiest syndicates out there. Frankly, we don’t believe in intellectual property. Just put us on-the-air – no permission needed!

As of June 2021, most of our live shows have converted to podcasts. Most of our programming is now blocks of “LRN.FM Podcasts”. During these blocks, 25Hz tones will air between shows, during the ads, and you will have 60 seconds to play your locals when the tone fires.

You can receive LRN.FM audio via broadband internet streaming. Technical details are on the Network Clock, and suggested equipment for receiving LRN.FM’s feeds are described here. Thank you for considering LRN.FM’s programs for your lineup.