Here are some ways to promote LRN.FM:

  • bumper stickerGet a FREE LRN.FM 3×9″ bumper sticker!
    Just send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope (that means you are mailing us an envelope that is addressed to you and stamped, so we don’t have to spend the time doing that) to:
    LRN.FM Bumper Sticker
    63 Emerald St. #610
    Keene, NH 03431
    If you want more than one sticker, please enclose $2 for an extra one. If you want a whole bunch of stickers, you can just use our graphic and order as many as you want from!
  • Join the AMP program for as little as $5 per month, help spread LRN’s content, and get perks!
  • Drop a few bucks in the chip-in on the right side of this page.
  • Print out this 1/4 page flyer and get the word out in-person!
  • Please “like” our Facebook fan page, and share it with your friends!
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  • 468×60 – Standard Wide Banners:
    LRN banner
    LRN banner


    Square LRN graphic – resize as necessary.
    Square LRN graphic w’ red background – resize as necessary.

    Large wide LRN graphic – use this huge graphic to make your own banners to the size you need.

Site Shortcuts

If you want to link to LRN’s features, you can use these handy subdomains to go directly to your favorite pages on the site:

  • Affiliate.LRN.FM – How to become an affiliate of one or more of our programs.
  • AMP.LRN.FM – Join the LRN AMP program for as little as $3 per month and help spread LRN.FM’s great shows.
  • Broadcast.LRN.FM – Become an affiliate for one or more shows or learn how to run your own LRN.FM radio station!
  • Cam.LRN.FM – Watch LRN.FM’s live shows based in our Keene network studio (at all other times, you’ll still hear our regular programming).
  • Chat.LRN.FM – Interact with other LRN.FM listeners with this full screen chat client.
  • Facebook.LRN.FM – Please “like” our Facebook fan page!
  • Forum.LRN.FM – A forum of the FTL BBS dedicated to LRN.FM.
  • Listen.LRN.FM – LRN.FM’s internet streaming listening options.
  • M.LRN.FM – Our mobile site.
  • Micro.LRN.FM – The Free Radio Forum – discuss running your own radio station with LRN.FM!
  • News.LRN.FM – The various newscasts you hear at the top-of-hour during live and encore programs.
  • Phone.LRN.FM – Details on how to listen using your phone via the LRN.FM Listen Lines.
  • Promote.LRN.FM – This page about how to promote LRN.FM.
  • Radio.LRN.FM – Radio affiliates carrying LRN.FM programming, that we know of.
  • Sat.LRN.FM – Details on to receive our free-to-air Ku-band satellite channel.
  • Shop.LRN.FM – Shop with Amazon through this link and LRN.FM will get a portion of Amazon’s profits.
  • Shows.LRN.FM – Our live program grid and details on all the shows appearing on LRN.FM.
  • Station.LRN.FM – Learn how to start your own LRN.FM radio station!
  • Updates.LRN.FM – Get the latest about LRN.FM in your email box!
  • Twitter.LRN.FM – Receive our Tweets!