Program Guide

Here you will find a full list of LRN.FM’s daily programming including a breakdown of our Podcast Loop. LRN.FM News from a variety of sources appears at the top of each live or encore hour. Remember, each show has their own website and keeps their own archives, so if you are looking a show’s contact information or for MP3 downloads, just click the graphics of your favorite shows in the listings belopw to visit their websites.

LRN.FM Programming Grid – All Times Eastern
Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12a-1a LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
1a-3a Freedom Feens
Freedom Feens
3a-6a LRN.FM Daily Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-12p Declare Your Independence
12p-2p The Scott Horton Show
2p-3p LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
3p-5p Flaming Freedom
Cop Block Radio
The Angel Clark Show
Rebel Love Show
Liberty Conspiracy
5p-7p Freedom Feens
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12a Liberty Conspiracy
Rebel Love Show
Cop Block Radio
Flaming Freedom
The Corey Moore Show

Hours Saturday Sunday
12a-2a Off the Air Live
LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
2a-6a LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live
9a-1p LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
1p-3p Freedom Feens
3p-4p LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts The Corey Moore Show
4p-5p No State Project
5p-7p The Angel Clark Show
7p-10p Free Talk Live
10p-12a Off the Air Live
Liberty Conspiracy


LRN’s Live Shows

Here are the shows that air live on LRN.FM in alphabetical order:

The Angel Clark ShowThe Angel Clark Show

Liberty-oriented lady Angel Clark focuses on economics and civil liberties, but you’ll hear her opinions on plenty of topics. The Angel Clark Show airs live Wednesdays from 3-5p Eastern.

Cop Block RadioCop Block Radio

Originating from Keene, NH, Cop Block Radio is a weekly show focusing on police accountability and your rights. Cop Block Radio airs live Wednesdays 10p-12a Eastern. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

The Corey Moore ShowThe Corey Moore Show

Join Corey Moore and his round table of hilarious cohosts for a weekly discussion about real life issues. No topic is taboo on the show, and regular topics include sexuality, drug use and abuse, music, culture, government incompetence, and social issues. You will hear interesting guests on the show that the “mainstream” talk shows are too afraid to interview, like blue collar laborers, sex workers, and kids fighting against the establishment. Friday nights, live from 10p-Mid Eastern.

Declare Your Independence“Declare Your Independence” with Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement – that will come in its own time. “Declare Your Independence” works closely with to ‘Uncover the Secrets and Expose the Lies’ so that we can flourish in a very exciting future. via their site. DYI airs live weekdays 9a-Noon Eastern.

Flaming FreedomFlaming Freedom

Flaming Freedom is a GLBT issues show with a liberty flair featuring Dalebert, Derrick J, Lauren, and friends. Flaming Freedom originates from Manchester, NH and airs live Thursdays 10p-12a Eastern and again as an encore Mondays 3-5pm Eastern. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Freedom FeensFreedom Feens

Join Michael W. Dean and a rotating cast of interesting insomniac co-hosts aka the “Freedom Feens“, as they feed the hamster in your brain! Weekday overnights 1a-3a and weekends 1p-3p Eastern.

Free Talk Live Free Talk Live

100% pro-liberty talk radio that you can control. FTL originates from Keene, NH and airs live on LRN Monday – Sunday from 7-10p Eastern. An encore presentation occurs 6-9a Monday – Sunday. If you want FTL anytime, you can grab archives or tune to our 24/7 FTL streams.

Liberty ConspiracyLiberty Conspiracy

Jack in to the brilliant mind of Gardner Goldsmith and join the Liberty Conspiracy! The Liberty Conspiracy originates from a secret location in New Hampshire. Listen live Sunday and Monday late nights, from 10p-12a Eastern.

The No State ProjectThe No State Project

The No State Project is dedicated to bringing about a truly voluntary society. It’s hosted by the author of “Adventures In Legal Land”, Marc Stevens live on LRN.FM on Saturdays from 4-7p Eastern.

Off the Air LiveOff the Air Live

Off The Air Live is an explosive, uncensored libertarian comedy show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Cody O’Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web. Dangerous, hilarious, and LIVE every Saturday night 10p-12a Eastern on LRN.FM! (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Rebel Love ShowRebel Love Show

Rebel Love Show is a collaborative effort by Rob Mathias and Shire Dude, two movers as part of the Free State Project, to document the everyday struggle for a better tomorrow in New Hampshire. Rebel Love Show covers the inch-by-inch march towards freedom in the global capital of the liberty movement. Subjects range from on-the-ground activism to dreaming of a free future to the dissonant lifestyle of a freedom fighter, to just shooting the breeze – LIVE Tuesday nights 10p-12a Eastern!

The Scott Horton ShowThe Scott Horton Show

Forget the mainstream media’s coverage of all things war-related. Tune in to The Scott Horton Show and get informed. The former host of Antiwar Radio is back originating on LRN.FM, weekdays noon to 2p Eastern!

LRN.FM Podcasts

The LRN.FM podcast loops contains the latest liberty-oriented podcasts on the internet. See below for details on each show. When each program posts a new episode, LRN automatically picks it up and adds it to the loop, replacing the older episode. There are two Podcast Loops on LRN.FM. One features podcasts that update their shows on a near-daily basis. There is also a loop of podcasts that typically update weekly. Each loop will begin playback where it left off the last time it stopped playing and the order of the shows in each loop is as follows:

Daily Podcasts (or close to daily):

Tom Woods ShowThe Tom Woods Show

Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods as he sets fire to the 3×5 card of conventional opinion with exciting guests and commentary.

Free Press PublicationsFPP Radio News

The FPP Radio News is a daily five-minute radio news program heard on several online radio networks and low power radio stations across the country! FPP Radio News is also heard at the top-of-hour news on a rotating basis during all live and encore programs on LRN.FM.

The Survival PodcastThe Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast is a daily online audio show about self sufficiency and self reliance in the modern world. Their motto: “Helping you live a better life if times get tough, or even if they don’t.”

The Liberty Beat

The Liberty Beat

The Liberty Beat is a grassroots-supported daily radio and podcast news service that brings you the latest in liberty news and activist updates. The Liberty Beat is also heard at the top-of-hour news on a rotating basis during all live and encore programs on LRN.FM.

Peace, Love, Liberty RadioPeace, Love, Liberty Radio

Join Darryl W. Perry on Peace, Love, Liberty Radio as he brings you news, views and opinions while promoting the ideas of peaceful interaction. The 30 minute show is recorded live several times a week, and can be heard on several online radio networks and low power radio stations across the country!


Don’t even try labeling him or his ideology as such is for naught: The polymath Lionel is the quintessence of sui generis. He implores and entreats his audience to critically think and analyze, to parse topics and peel the layers of the issue onion. The barbate Lionel loathes trite shibboleths, playbook and bumper sticker labels as well as leprosy.

Non Partisan Liberty for AllNon Partisan Liberty for All

Originating from Las Vegas, Non Partisan Liberty For All is an internet-based radio show founded by host Dave Bourne in April 2014 to promote the ideas of freedom and liberty. It’s performed multiple times weekly.

Weekly Podcasts (or close to weekly):

Penn's Sunday SchoolPenn’s Sunday School

Penn Jillette is half the magical comedy duo, Penn and Teller. Join in as Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, and YOU discuss the news of the week. They’ll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes them mad. They’ll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about. Penn’s Sunday School is produced live on Sundays and they have their own active community site with downloads and more here. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Puke & the GangPuke & the Gang

Puke & the Gang formed out of the aftermath of the Free Talk Live: Sunday Edition co-host cull. From that blood-bath emerged a rag-tag group of erstwhile freedom-fighting pod-cast re-bels. Hyphenated words abounded! Now sit back and enjoy the hoo-hah fun because Puke & the Gang is a podcast by young men who act like grumpy old men. From smoking cigars to complaining about kids. On occasion our liberty loving friends join us to share in the good times. Give us a listen and you’ll be pleasantly indifferent. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

School SucksSchool Sucks Project

Join Brett for School Sucks Project, the show dedicated to ending government’s coercive indoctrination camps. School Sucks Project originates from Manchester, New Hampshire.

The Voluntary LifeThe Voluntary Life

Join Jake and friends as they explore ideas for finding freedom in an unfree world.

Free Press PublicationsFPP Freedom Minute

The FPP Freedom Minute is a news service of Free Press Publications. FPP is an independent alternative media / publishing company, founded in June 2009, with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT,” to promote the message of peace, freedom, love & liberty and to also give new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material.

Sovryn TechSovryn Tech

Sovryn Tech is a podcast about technology; keeping you up to date on the latest in science, software, and electronics, and how they can set you free.

Lions of LibertyLions of Liberty

The Lions of Liberty Podcast picks up where leaves off, breaking down the principles of libertarian thought, touching on hot news topics and and the ongoing politics of the day. Host Marc Clair speaks with guests from inside and outside the liberty movement, all the while mixing in his entertainingly unique (and sometimes off-key) style.

We Are LibertariansWe Are Libertarians

The We Are Libertarians podcast examines the week’s current events and politics from a libertarian perspective. Think of it as the libertarian Meet the Press, only with a personality. Are we missing your favorite liberty-oriented show? Please get in touch with us at LRN at LRN.FM. The show you suggest must be currently publishing at least once per week to be considered for addition to the network. Additionally, it must have a track record of consistent publishing over at least a six month timeframe for consideration.

Neocash RadioNeocash Radio

Neocash Radio is based in New Hampshire and is at the forefront of currency innovation. Hosts Darren and JJ Epic provide weekly podcasts that discuss all the trends relating to cryptocurrencies and monetary economics. Tune in to hear them discuss the future of money today.

Freedom ZealotFreedom Zealot

Freedom Zealot is a weekly program hosted by William Norman Grigg, the renown anti-police-state author featured regularly on

Johnny Rocket Launch PadJohnny Rocket Launch Pad

Johnny Rocket Launch Pad explores Libertarian viewpoints, which combined with alcohol, music, and Johnny’s crass and brass behavior is sure to entertain!

Sovereign BTCSovereign BTC

Sovereign BTC with John Bush is your guide to the practical side of everyday Bitcoin use. Every week we’ll be bringing you news, views, tips, and tools you can use to seamlessly incorporate Bitcoin in to your life.

Live Free FMLive Free FM

Live Free FM with Nathan Fraser is a radio show dedicated to teaching people about the philosophy and practicality of liberty, and how to live freer lives in an increasingly unfree world.

Prof CJ's Dangerous History PodcastProf CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast

The Dangerous History Podcast takes Prof CJ’s countless hours spent as a Professional History Dork and boils all the most interesting and/or important stuff the Prof has learned into bite-sized (or commute-sized or mowing-the-lawn-sized) podcasts, combining education with entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment.

Godless LibertyGodless Liberty

Godless Liberty is a weekly internet radio show that hilariously goes over news, music, pop culture and more! (EXPLICIT CONTENT)


Anarchast is hosted by Jeff Berwick, aka the Dollar Vigilante. To him, Anarchy means freedom – the desire to live without a violent, coercive State. Anarchy is peace, love and prosperity, free markets, and power to the people.

Off Air Due to Lack of Recent Shows:

Edgington PostEdgington Post

Edgington Post is Mark Edge, one of the the hosts of Free Talk Live, hosting his own interview podcast. Free Talk Live isn’t really an interview show, as it’s focused on callers and issues. Mark wanted to do more interviews than were being done on FTL, so he started his own podcast, Edgington Post. There’s no website for Edgington Post, but here’s the podcast.

The Freedom LineThe Freedom Line

The Freedom Line is hosted by Adam Kokesh and is produced weekly. Adam will pre-digest the mainstream news for you with his industrial strength libertarian stomach acid. The Freedom Line covers the headlines, what you can do about them, and whatever other crazy bullshit Adam feels like talking about.

Peace News NowPeace News Now

Peace News Now is your independent media source for peaceful resistance news, delivered twice weekly, live from 10p-12a Eastern on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can subscribe to Peace News via this feed.

The Side ProjectThe Side Project

The Side Project is a weekly show which deals with current evens and other issues from a Midwestern perspective. Join your hosts, Lec Zorn and Jim Goebel as they generally mess things up, and forget what they were talking about.