Satellite (Free-to-Air)

Why pay monthly for satellite radio, when you can get LRN.FM on satellite for free? In 2010, LRN.FM launched on Free-to-Air Ku-Band Satellite. LRN.FM is able to provide you with this free 24/7 service thanks to our Patreon supporters and matching funds from the Shire Free Church. If you think spreading the message of liberty and peace to the world is worth $2 a month, please sign up for our Patreon here, or you can donate bitcoin to the address in the right column of the site!

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If you are in one of the signal patterns below and can see one of the satellites below from your location (check with Dishpointer), you only need to get a Ku-band dish and Free-to-Air receiver, hook it up, and you’ve got LRN.FM (and a bunch of other free TV and radio channels like RT and Press TV) 24/7 with no subscription fees! Our satellite channels also make for a good audio source with which you can rebroadcast LRN locally on FM or AM.) Here are our current coverage maps:

Galaxy 19

Galaxy 19’s Ku-Band Signal

UPDATE April 2019: You can find LRN.FM in North America and Central America on Galaxy 19 at 97 degrees West. As of April 2019, we are now located on a different part of the satellite: Transponder 6, 11.8425 GHz, Horizontal Polarization, Symbol Rate: 22000, FEC: 3/4. Our previous channel will go off on May 31st, so please update your receivers by that time!

Click for a detailed signal map with minimum dish width for your location.

SES-5 Signal Pattern

SES-5 Sub-Saharan Ku-band Signal

You can find LRN.FM in Sub-Saharan Africa on SES-5 at 5 degrees East, Transponder: 4.951, Frequency: 11919 MHz, Horizontal Polarization, Symbol Rate: 27500, FEC: 3/4, SID: 51, APID: 3051

Here’s a detailed signal map for SES-5’s Sub-Saharan beam.

Long term, it’d be great to cover Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and the rest of the world, but that of course will cost much more. If you are interested in helping with those costs for as little as $2 a month or as much as you want to contribute, please visit our Patreon.

LRN.FM Satellite Supporters: Thanks to these awesome listeners who’ve stepped up to fund our satellite feeds via our Indiegogo in 2015 and 2016 and now the ongoing Patreon!

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