I want programming for my existing station.

RadiotowerWhether you are looking for one or more of our programs or a 24/7 feed, you’ll find LRN.FM one of the easiest live-content syndicates out there. Frankly, we don’t believe in intellectual property. If you want one of our programs, all we ask is that you adhere to our Network Clock.

Please also keep us informed regarding what LRN.FM content you are airing, when you are airing it, and any changes to your station’s frequency or web URL. This allows us to keep our station list accurate. You may email us at lrn at lrn.fm.

LRN.FM Show ClockYou can receive LRN.FM audio via Ku-band satellite or broadband internet streaming. Technical details are on the Network Clock, and suggested equipment for receiving LRN.FM’s feeds are described here. If you’d like to run local commercials, please follow the Network Clock. You will either need to hard time your locals, or use our 25Hz tones to trigger them. Thank you for considering LRN.FM’s programs for your lineup.